Tomato Vinegar 250 ml

Tomaattiviinietikka, 250 ml

Ripe tomatoes from Austria’s Burgenland were sorted out by hand, gently pressed, and the juice was then brought to a spirituous fermentation.

After the fermentation and a maturing period, we injected the wine with a pure cultured vinegar bacteria, whereby the temperature and the oxygen supply were constantly watched, to guarantee optimal living conditions for the bacteria. To obtain the highest quality, the perfect conditions must be met. When the fermentation has stopped, the young vinegar will be stored in carboys.

The tomato is actually a member of the fruit family. Therefore, it also seems reasonable to ferment tomatoes into vinegar. The tomato vinegar is of such intensity, that one should use it sparingly when seasoning the food, unless one wishes a fresh tomato flavour.

-1-2 tbsp. vinegar in 1/8 l tab water or mineral water, or a few drops mixed with sparkling wine. – To marinate for several days raw fish, meat, fruits, vegetables – Excellent on raw fish and carpaccio – For Asian cooking and to rice dishes – To drizzle over blanched vegetables – On fresh goat cheese – On carrot cake – On ice cream – A definite must to mozzarella cheese with tomatoes – In tomato salad – To refine sauces, made form the crusty remainders of fried fish or meat: discard drippings; add wine and let reduce; add the stock of your choice, boiling it down; mount with cold butter and season with vinegar.

5 % acetic acid

-Erwin Gegenbauer-